Does Alcohol Cause Acne?

There are some people who suffer from increased amount of acne after drinking alcohol. Other people drink as much and as often as they want without any differences in their skin. This leaves so many to wonder if alcohol causes acne or not?

Does Alcohol Cause Acne?

Alcohol has not been linked to acne, though for some people it can be a trigger. There are a few factors that influence this, including the type of alcohol drunk as well as the amount.

If there are noticeable outbreaks after you’ve drank, it could be that type of alcohol is causing the outbreak. For example, drinking a beer could cause breakouts for some, which a hard liquor does not upset the skin.

Another reason that you could be suffering with acne is that you are drinking too much. Alcohol strains the liver, the body’s toxin filter. When the liver is damaged toxins and excess sugar are not removed and affect your health and your skin. Of course this means that the more you drink, the greater the risk of breaking out in acne (see Proactive).

It could be that the side effects of alcohol could be affecting your skin as well. Those side effects include not getting enough sleep, going to bed with makeup on and missing out on your regular skin care routine. These are all things that many do after a night of drinking which can all affect the skin greatly.

Alcohol &  Health

While there have been no direct links between acne and alcohol, we all know that it is bad for our health. Alcohol can affect your sleep, increase the hormone levels being produced and more. The drink reduces the body’s ability to fight infection as antioxidant levels are reduced. Since alcohol will increase the need to urinate you may become dehydrated which will dry the skin and can cause acne.

If you drink and then breakout in acne, it may be necessary to make changes to your drinking habits to keep breakouts to a minimum. This means reducing the amount of alcohol that is consumed or changing the type of drinks that you are consuming. You may want to consider drinking distilled drinks like spirits. When you do drink, make sure that it is followed with plenty of water. You can do this with alternating drink for drink water/alcohol. This will not only help eliminate acne but also help you to avoid a hangover.